Dish Sets

plate Square plates Four Seasons Plates Four Seasons Plates
Pussy willow plate, 8 inches, $22 Square Plates
Above, 8 1/2 inch, $20 each.
Below, 5 inch, $14 each.
Dinner Plates
10 inch, $25 each
8 inch, $20 each.
Four Seasons Plates
8 inches in diameter, $22 each
Sunflower Office Set square plates blue bowls winter plate
The Office Set Brownbag your lunch, but eat on unique handmade dishes. Stash your set (plate, bowl, and mug) in your desk or file cabinet for when you are ready for that sandwich, bowl of soup, or cup of tea. Tan Office Set blue serving bowl Six-inch bowl $15 spring plate
Microwave and dishwasher safe.

$55 to $60 per set.

To order, email
Office Set summer plate
Office Set with dots fall plate

Sara Torvik, Potter